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This adventure has now finished for the season. Try Operation Black Maple. Go on an adventure drive in Halton County and make a supernatural mojo. Then use it to expel the ghost of Thomas Corner from the Haunted Town Hall. You pay per car. You need at least two people in the car. The more the merrier!

A scavenger hunt with a true story. A country drive with a cool app. A 2 hour socially distanced event for family or friends.
1. The adventure starts in Campbellville with five stops 2. Each stop has a simple but scary task 3. While travelling, listen to a true ghost story 4. Finish up at the Milton Town Hall to expel the ghost


Celebrate your favourite shows, movies and games while preventing an attack that would destroy our holidays. Operation Black Maple is a socially distanced event with seasonal themes for family and friends.

Scavenger style missions with a seasonal theme. A country drive with a cool app. Two hours of socially distanced fun for family or friends.
1. It starts and ends in Milton 2. Celebrate your favourite show, movies, music and more 3. Each stop has a clue and a creative photo challenge! 4. Bring or wear your holiday props
☑ You pay per car (HST included). We recommend two or more people. ☑ Suitable for all ages.


4 Hour Stunt Driving Experience as a Driver. Taxes included.

From: $399.00

Stunt Driving 101 - Learn the J Turn, Slalom Course, Reverse 180 and competition obstacle course. Overload the fun! Note: Taxes Included 2020 DATES NOW AVAILABLE You can BUY NOW AND BOOK YOUR DAY LATER. If you have a third party voucher, please complete this form in order to redeem the voucher.

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